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It’s been quite a while since I’ve actually put some real “of substance” knitting updates here.

Let’s see…

I’ll start backwards.

(Note: many of these are camera phone pics. I have a very OLD camera phone, and it’s slowly falling apart so maybe soon better camera phone pics will be taken. The rest are from my canon s1. It’s very gray outside so the colors are way off. Sorry! And please ignore the dust!!)

My first pair of socks was fun to knit, except that I have a nice knack for tangling yarn. Sock #2 became a challenge and it was very exciting to see the yarn go from:

and my jaywalker has made some progress (as well as enjoyed a walk in the park last week):

this is the “wonderful” template bag i’m working on. Holding two strands of some acrylic together. I could follow a pattern but the thing is if the bag (and size) *doesn’t* work for me, why bother? I think this will be too small as I forgot to include space for sock knitting. We’ll see.

Lastly, I’ve been working on Jodie’s Saturday Market Bag from the June Mag Knits. I really like it, but wish I had a different color of Sugr-n-Cream to knit it in (I have two more balls of this color, ugg, what was I thinking??) I’ve made a few small changes to the pattern and have completed four repeats of the first side. I must say I had a minor heart attack when I saw “Drop yo from prior row”. (You want me to what?!) But I think it’s a good intro to lace — the pattern is pretty easy and I’m enjoying watching it take form. I have that hank of gorgeous yarn from MDSWF waiting to be knit..

As from my reading sidebar I’m looking into spinning. We’ll see. I have some time today (they are fixing our shower faucet) so maybe I’ll try to make a spindle, not that I have anything to spin..

This weekend is the Brooklyn Craft Fair. Looks like fun, I should hide my wallet. :)

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  1. If you would like to give me a picture of your finished market bag for my gallery that would be great! How’s it working out? I didn’t see a finished picture on here.

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