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First, some site admin news:
I’ve turned on the theme switcher on the side bars as I play with various themes and perhaps write my own. I’m also playing with users and maybe PG will get her purple butt out of bed and write some posts. If she wants me to knit her that sweater she better get up. …

Back to “tool time”:
I love tools which improve my life. That is part of why I am involved with computer technology. I’m going to attempt a series on tools I use which make me happy. They may be for food, office-supply related, tech things, even just mind-games, everything is fair game.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to start with, and as I don’t feel like getting out the camera I’m going to start with the Faber-Castell Textliner Dry 1148. I bought a set of three of these from Levenger many years ago. I barely used them as I couldn’t find them anywhere and loved them so much. [this means that I didn’t use them for fear of using up the last one in the world. I have this really big problem with using something if i really really like it and can’t find the exact same thing to replace it.] Basically they are a thick colored pencil jammed with color. They write so beautifully. I’m such a sucker for this sort of thing. I have quite a collection of pens and pencils. But what is so very special about this dry liner? Peninah + ink = inked Peninah. I look at a pen and become covered in whatever it is. It can be dangerous. The same happens with food and drink. I’m still impressed my wedding dress stayed white! [Especially because I had RED wine for the shevah brachos. At least the guys realized this and were very kind in giving me the cup over a BIG platter!].

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Tuesdays will be Tools.

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  1. Elizabeth Rodriguez June 14, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    Many years ago my husband surprised me with a set of levengers dry highlighters when i was studying for national board certification. i am obsessed with finding them again. there is only one pencil on the web site not the three in a pretty green box with sharpener and eraser as i have. have you found them again? i need to order again and as i said, like you, am obsessed!!!!!

  2. ME TOO!!! I have my refills that I bought and can’t find the set of four — I was hoping to purchase another set and have spent HOURS trying to find them. To no avail. If you have any luck let me know!!! They are soooo awesome. I’m thinking of putting in a request to Levenger and see if they won’t bring back the whole set. Mine came with a pencil and 3 highlighters. Seems like whenever I get hooked on something they always discontinue it!!! :o( sniff sniff

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