I didn’t organize this how I’d like, please deal.

no knitting pics, but please go check out the new mag knits. I’m working on Jodie’s Saturday market bag. :) I just wish I had a better color of Sugar n Cream to use (cool breeze ombre — i don’t like the white)

I just updated to wordpress 2.0.3 please let me know if there’s funkiness. as always, if the style sheet doesn’t load, please press control + refresh. *sigh*

The wonderful E finally upgraded his site. His pictures (and code) are awesome. I love his just sql program. :) We also went and bought him a digital camera body [Canon Rebel XT] ctoday. We played with Nibi for a while and he took this photo of her.

Lots of other stuff I’m working on. We’ll see what this week brings. My goal is to start my plan this week. Don’t hold your breath! :)