wp 2.0.3 is out… and other news of joy

Details are here. The client’s site I’m developing is on it because that’s what I downloaded this morning. I’ll probably upgrade myself after Shavuos. I didn’t even realize.. [it’s been a long day. that site *hates* me.]

I have not read any rss feeds yet today. I did however make a stop to a certain blog this morning (since i went to bed early) and screamed with joy.. Mazel tov to Persephone, her husband Lance and to aleph and bet who have a really great mommy! Happy ! [I also read lulu’s hospital horror story. My heart goes out to her, I’m hope good things will come of it. {hug}]

Random: The AC in our building is broken for the next 2-3 weeks. I will be doing larger loads of laundry as I require at least 3 shirts a day while at home. If someone knows of BETTER antipersperant please let me know. I rotate monthly as is.

I wish everyone a chag sameach.