please help (knitting needle newbie query)

I’ve googled all I can think.

I have a major admission. I have no idea how the heck to use the knitting needle size gauge. Most of my crochet hooks have the size on them. Those that don’t i use very carefully because if i loose it in the middle of the project, i’m screwed.

I’m liking bamboo more and more because the size is imprinted DIRECTLY on the needle.

In order to knit of some crochet cotton, I broke and bought the Susan Bates sock set. Oh cool, 5 of each color, size US 000, 00, 0, and 1. Right. Well, the sizes are so darn close to each other and the gauge only measures to 0, i’m not quite sure. Do I keep putting the needles in and the moment it won’t fit in at all you go back one and that’s the size? I think that the red are US 1’s but now i’m not sure at all. I tried a different colour a few minutes ago and *it* seems to be the 1. *SIGH*

Please, someone help. I’d just like to have them labeled and never worry about it again.

And I have a pair of circ’s which are blueish. they fit in the 5’s but i recall buying something to knit up really cheap acrylics years ago, and i think they should be 6’s.

Is it me?

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  1. To find gauge use the hole that the needle fits most comfortably in. If it feels tight go up one hole. If it feels really loose go down one hole.

    You are perfectly right in that your needle size may not be the same as what you remember when you bought your needles. Most needles are made with mm (or European sizes) being the standard not American sizes, so different companies have different sizes. For example an Addi-turbo size 2 is actually a size 2.5 in American standards. (It is 3 mm instead of 2.75 mm.) That is why it is important to always make a gauge swatch to make sure you are knitting the same as the pattern requirements.

    If you still can’t figure out what needles are what try going to your local yarn store and usually they can help you out. Then you can use a piece of masking tape around your needles to mark down the size on each. I hope that this is helpful.

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