misc admin things and a small bit on knitting

  1. i think i broke the del.icio.us feed … why? b/c the site is sluggish. it may have been partially my fault, but i have been having issues every day.
  2. I think it is time to find a new host provider. we like eapps because of price and tomcat. BUT.. it’s been down almost every morning for an hour for the past few weeks. I am *not* happy. that *IS* and always has been my super productive time. Instead now I read rss (and get distracted) and read and sometimes knit. Requirements are tomcat and just a good reliable provider. i don’t really want a reseller but i have no idea if eapps is reselling or not. It’s mostly e’s domain because he pays the bill. I personally don’t really need tomcat and am looking hard at bluehost but it’s cheaper and less of a headache for everyone to live together.
  3. I still want my own domain. We have two we share, and I have my biz, but I want something more personal. I don’t know why. I probably will never buy it, nor put anything up on it. Do i really need another URL? (Or more email addresses?)
  4. I have a few other posts to write and if this stays up and I get all my work done, they will be written. Maybe today.
  5. My cavity in my wisdom tooth is mean. It spat out the filling a few weeks ago. I went yesterday to get it filled. If it falls out again I need the tooth yanked based on where the cavity is makes it impossible to fill without cutting ahole in my cheek (no thank you). I am not very happy. I spent the evening spitting out the extra filling stuff. I think the filling is still there. It doesn’t hurt, so that must be good, right?
  6. My sock went the library (my local branch has wifi yay!) and then to the dentist. i forgot to take a picture at the dentist. it was happy there wasn’t any drilling, just filling. My sock wants to be finished and is ignoring a few little “mistakes” near the toe as I work towards proper decreases this time.