book help?

A 12 year old girl I know is curious about Judaism. Does anyone know of a good book which would give her some insight into the *whys* of what we do and be open to those who do things differently? (or at least explain that they exist)?

Ideally the volume would also be useful for either her younger brothers (7 and 5) or also her mum, but that’s not my main concern.

If I can get ideas *soon* that would be good as her birthday is coming up and I have a growing gift package to send to her. :) [which should have been sent many months ago]

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  1. Depends on her reading and comprehension level. If she’s really interested and can handle regular, not-super-advanced adult reading, and won’t get scared off by the size of the book (call it a reference book or encyclopedia, not one to be necessarily read from cover to cover in order) — I always recommend Jewish Literacy, by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

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