cherry blossoms, sheep & yarn, trains, and a world to come…

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve fully updated with a “let’s blog about my life”. In this post PG will let me (PSG) write about last weekend, where E and I went (along with everyone else) to the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival), this weekend’s adventures at Maryland’s Sheep and Wool Festival, the B & O Rail Road Museum, and my thoughts on Dara Horn’s amazing new novel, The World to Come. Oh and PG’s a bit upset. We left her home to babysit nibbler.

Sakura Matsuri

Last Sunday, we went to see the peak Cherry Blossoms. We had wanted to go the weekend before, right before peak, and hopefully avoid all the crowds, but I believe it poured. We had just picked up Nibbler and decided to let her get used to her cage without us doting over her. Parking was an adventure but we found a place, and there was a line (at 4pm) to get in. The crowds were amazing. We didn’t have as wonderful a chance to explore the cherry blossoms as we wanted because of the late hour and the crowds. Below are a two photo I enjoy.

Maryland’s Sheep and Wool Festival

Saturday night we loaded the car and began the drive to Baltimore. We found a nice hotel in Baltimore and in the morning drove to the Festival.


The photographer at work. The sheep smiled nicely for him.

And sometimes they smiled nicely for me.

I really couldn’t get the shot I wanted, but I believe this is a shot of a spinning wheel waiting to be shown and judged. ;) I believe they are all winners!

And I bought 100 grams of Skacel Merino Lace (colourway 729) from Pleasant Woolen Company. It was so incredibly overwhelming all the yummy yarns and colours and wheels! I know nothing about spinning and E had to drag me away. I know I could probably buy this at home but E said it would be silly to walk away empty handed. I didn’t want to go too far over budget. E was very patient as we went back and forth and I pet and (a few times) sniffed [yes, I am a yarn sniffer] the yarns. I have yet to ever knit more than a few rows of lace so we’ll see. I really prefered the grey (#329) but this won. I’m debating exactly what to make with it. I have quite a few ideas but nothing has solidified. I did a bit of knitting (and frogging) in the car. I’ll try to post pictures later today.

B&O Rail Road Museum

E and I have decided that this was a great museum, but we’re jaded. There was a train trip we could have taken and the coordinator tried to impress us with “how often do you get to go through the main switch yard” (or something I really wasn’t paying attention). I looked at E and we left. I’m sure it was quite nice, but after Steam Town, Peru, and numerous other train wonders, riding on a commuter rail train just didn’t excite us enough. Finding a nice cold drink did.

B&O Logo

There is no way I can show the scale. We found these two in the shop and fell in love.

She arrived at B&O two days after Pearl Harbor. There is absolutely no way to capture the scale and beauty of this marvel. E had to pull me away.

The restoration of the beauty is magnificent… I stood drooling for a good 5 minutes. Then I sat down on one of the benches. ;)

The World to Come

I finally read Dara Horn‘s new masterpiece, The World to Come. I read In the Image several years ago and with her new work she has me won over. I don’t know what to say other than please, go read this.