i’m backlogged, are you?

Not that anyone reads this. My feedburner says ZERO readers. HAH !!! *I’m* subscribed via feedburner myself. TAH HAH!!!

Anyway… I started to discuss backlog here, but then got sidetracked. I don’t think I have ADD — I’ve just think I’ve always been told “work until you drop” and thus I keep piling more and more on b/c I’m supposed to be able to get it all done right?

Let’s see, I have oodles of books out (I took another one out today, more on that in another post), I haven’t done half of the work I scheduled for this week, I’ve not cleaned up as much as I wanted (I have made some progress however) and the pile just keeps growing…

We won’t talk too much about the yarn I bought today. 3 skeins of kitchen cotton for S, since giving her a FELTED bag in the summer (it wasn’t spring like today) just seems silly. Wool for my mum’s felted bag. She’s my mum — she’ll love anything I make. ;) Lastly I bought US 000-1 sock needles to try to knit up some crochet threads. I would like some of these (or something similar) but won’t hold my breath or beg. I’m thinking small little bags to fill with nice smelling things. I’m also playing with how to knit lace. Eh, it’ll keep me occupied [as if I don’t have enough to do]. Why am I no longer crocheting? E doesn’t wear the kippot and crochet wears out my wrists faster.

I was going to can this blog and launch a new one. I’ve not gotten that far and doubt I will. I *MIGHT* just make a few minor changes here and keep going. unless someone changed all my passwords and didn’t tell me I don’t think I’d be able to go away from this. Not sure why. I’ll probably merge in the old posts that only went on the “new” one. I’m still unhappy with lots of the layout and how things are behaving behind the scenes, but I can’t justify this getting any more attention.

And poor Nibbler (who is nibbling me less these days) hasn’t seen as much of me as I wanted to give her. Tonight we took a few minutes and played on the bed.. it was her first time out without me freaking TOO far out. It’ll be easier once E is back.

Various links I’ve collected the past few days and wanted to just highlight more than the delicious dump feed (which should hopefully move to it’s own page shortly).

  • How backlogged are you?
  • Version 3 of the hPDA is out. It’s nice. I’m happy. I’m slowly migrating away from my filofax and back to index cards as those are what I seem to be using for the day-to-day capture. I’m also using google calendar and love it. Except with this ongoing network/telephone outage we STILL have. They promised me Monday.
  • David Seah (who ROCKS) just implemented a most wonderful idea I had completed forgotten about the check rail. It’s brilliant. Keeping clutter off of horizontal surfaces is my long-term goal. At the moment I’m failing miserably. :(
  • Cute overload post of the day. Nibbler moves too fast for me. I can’t get a shot this adorable, but trust me, she is!