keeping up

or not.

through one of my too many rss feeds i found this great article on the myth of “keeping up”.

This is totally, completely, without a doubt, something that I do.

  • Books out of the libraries: 12, 3
  • Books currently owned on the “active to read” pile: difficult to count due to everything being moved around for the phone company, at least 9
  • Books on hold at the library: 7
  • Books on various book e-wishlists: 200 amazon (there is a hidden amazon list or two), 9 froogle (not all are on the wishlist), 186 powells (i have a “private” list there too) , 395 total.
  • Books on paper wishlist: (some duplication with e-wishes) 4 pages of a pocket moleskine.
  • Magazines unread: about 6″ worth(+ the current Economist that E stole and is taking to London. I’ll have to read it online :/.
  • Yarn stash: much more than i care to admit — I’ve already started stuffing pillowcases!
  • Planned yarn projects: many many many … i spent my morning web read looking at lace among other things.
  • Cast-on yarn projects: 2
  • Unread emails: I really don’t want to know. I’ve been unsubscribing from mailing lists that I haven’t read in months and know that I won’t read anytime soon. Part of it is burnout, part of it is that there’s just too much for me to do. I won’t even start on E’s workload. He’s better about books than I am…

Information Anxiety is something that I am pretty sure I “suffer” from. crap, guess what just got added to the wish list?

Anyway, I think I’ll try to pare down some things and get to work.

Listening to Episode 21: Secret Water from the podcast “Cast On” by Brenda Dayne