Introducing …


She’s a difficult one to photograph! She likes to nibble… ME. (Her nickname will probably be nibi) Like most first homes, hers is way too small and when E returns we are going to do something about that (for her, we need a to wait a bit). In the meantime I’ll try to get her a larger wheel and fit it in her cage, her hind foot splays off and her fir starts to wrap along the center. We didn’t realize she’s a bit big. We just kinda read “ok for most hamsters” and went on our merry way. Who knows, maybe i’ll pick up a pair of dwarves and then all of this stuff will fit them perfectly.

In other news — E will be arriving home Friday afternoon. I’m still not happy about all of it, but it will be nice to have him home for shabbos. We might run away motzei but it depends how he feels, as he has to drive if we leave the state (no, I have not taken a road test yet).

Also, I finally cast on for the second sock. Already it’s easier (I am paying enough attention to rib properly) so we’ll see how it goes. I can’t wait to start working with prettier yarns. I think the remainder of this colorway might be used for some children’s mittens.

LASTLY no one knows yet if the phone company is coming today. Now I can go see if anyone in the building is around and ask. *sigh*