satmar rebbe, zt’l

[updated to include *one* semi-not-too-blurry photo. out of many. and some links to other photos via dovbear. for more of ours, we shall have to wait until E and I develop his roll]

Like any good jewish girl, I find out about my jewish news from the normal sources. Last night, Gothamist informed me of the Rebbe’s death. E and I looked at each other, said “why not?”, changed, grabbed our cameras, jumped into the car, and went to Williamsburg.

We quickly found parking (not that either of us knows Williamsburg very well) and followed the growing crowd. We stood at Marcy and Lee and no one seemed to know where anything was coming from.

And then, at about 11:03 (according to my camera) the sirens. The crowd surges along Lee (with the police screaming to get off the barricades). Finally we see the casket turn and head down Marcy.

Now, my pictures did not come out very well for two reasons. Firstly, it was VERY dark. Secondly, I shake slightly and the crowd pressing on me did not help in any way. I am trying now to pull something from the blurry photos and will update when I do so if I am successful.

Overall it was an interesting experience. E and I were the only ones speaking English to each other (everyone else used it to try to let the cops get them closer to the shul).

This is the only photo that came out at all. It’s a still from a movie (i wish i had remembered I had that feature *before* everything went by).

Other photos and articles:
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thank you for the photo links dovbear.