well wishes and warnings

chag kasher v’sameach. may you have a happy, healthy, and safe pesach.

also, i am officially addicted to knitting. i walked into a store to buy two buttons and walked out with 4 skeins, a set of dpn’s and no longer in possession of a $20 bill.

So how did this happen?

After kashering the kitchen in record time and inhaling a large amount of bleach, (note: to clean kitchen floor pour floor cleaner directly on tiles. no need to dilute, you will still be pushing dirt around, but it’s now CLEAN dirt) I gave myself a treat of fresh air and a trip to ps yarns. The goal was to pick up button’s for S’s gift. I think they are cute. we’ll see how they look on the bag. I also picked up some Bernat sox (in hot tamale for something funky, tho i really am not liking the orange under artificial light. i think i should examine yarns only under indoor bulbs. ;) ). I debated whether to follow the manufacturer’s suggested needles size or pick up something else. I went with the recommended size (US 3), they are aluminum (eh) and are of quantity four (double eh). More on that in a bit. I also succumbed and snagged a charcoal skein of Kraemer Yarn‘s Mauch Chunky to go with the raspberry I have been knitting and felting with. While I wasn’t too sure on this yarn at first (to me it’s a super luxury one that I can maybe afford in small doses), I really love it now. I’m planning to make something like this bag for B’s daughter. I’d love to take a bath with multiple skeins the colours are very yummy, I’m proud of myself for not buying more.

I then meandered my way past J&R to replace the headphones my husband stole from me. I discovered that they were $10 less than when i bought this model 3 years ago, unfortunately however, they are white. Oh well. In any colour these are the world’s best headphones.

Next I went to Borders with my snazzy Border’s Rewards 25% coupon and debated between One Skein and Knitting without Tears. I went with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s, I think it’ll last me much longer than the quick one skein ideas which looks to be a great book, but I think that Knitting without Tears is something I should own sooner rather than later. I also finally picked up Naomi’s His Magesty’s Dragon. I’ve been looking to read this for a while, I TA’d for Naomi many years ago and I look forward to this highly acclaimed series. You’ll have to wait until Saturday evening at the earliest for a review. I’ve not really slept in the past three nights and if I start this now I know that I will not sleep tonight.

As it was still gorgeous outside I skipped hopping right on the subway and decided to walk back up to Canal Street. Along the way I began to think that maybe I would be better off with 5 dpn’s to knit in the round. So I stopped by Pearl and picked up another set as I didn’t trust myself to get out of PS Yarns for anything under $20. PS Yarns has some really yummy crochet threads that are screaming to be made into a kippah (though I don’t know who would wear it since E prefers the “weight” of black suede).

Also, how do I always loose one piece of chametz during bedikat chametz? [e found it quick.