next to knit

I felted S’s gift tonight (I <3 my in-laws washer!), it was scary but I survived and it came out splendid. Now I need to find buttons. Where is mommy’s button jar when I need it? :(

anyway, I’m working on several other WIPs and was meandering through the web tortured with insomnia and I think that I will knit this next I think these will be fun. :D I have a very nice stash of acrylics. :D Warning : many of you may be the recipient of one.

Other question, where is the mystery bag of knitting needles that was either my grandmother’s or my mum’s partner’s mother’s? I have the crochet hooks, but they don’t help for knitting. I am happy to find wooden DPN’s for $2 for a set of four but I need a fifth darn it. And why aren’t all circ’s labelled? arg. this is driving me batty b/c i measure my needles and I think they are a different size than labelled. A-R-G. Oh, I’m not allowed to bid on ebay b/c I might just try to bid on a set of clovers. *drool*

And then? I am so making this. :)

But honestly I have to really learn how to love dpn’s first. Or buy more circs.

(did you see the new issue of knitty? fug!)