recently read: The Mage Wars Trilogy

On T’s recommendation, and my desire to read more by Mercedes Lackey (and Larry Dixon), I recently read The Mage Wars Trilogy consisting of The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon, and The Silver Gryphon.

Overall I really enjoyed this series and must say that after completing Silver, I think that Silver is a “stand alone” continuation and that Black and White are a tighter more cohesive story. Silver has it’s good points, but I could definitely see myself rereading the first two and just skipping this one. However, I do see those who might get more out of the third.

I’m now infatuated enough to want to read Magic’s Pawn very soon. But first I hope to knock off a few others from my reading list.

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  1. I just read them again, a few weeks ago. Silver I’d never actually read, somehow.. Like you said, skipable…

    Black & White were good, though :-) I remember Black being longer, years ago..

    And the Magic’s Pawn set is wonderful, IIRC. Probably the best of the sets, in some ways. Though black does at least start dealing with it, and Arrows isn’t too bad.

    The elspeth stuff is the most standard of the bunch, but was fluff & fun.

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