There are other projects that have received my TLC while this has not. I have another format I’ve been working on and other topics it focuses on. That may continue to receive all of my attention and this may slowly die away, or it may not. I have been messing around with templates all morning and I really like this Green Tracks theme and wish that I had taken the photo, or similar. Maybe soon I will and mod it.

updated: corrected a few typos and added a pic of “after the snow”.

My plugin for Now Reading seems to be working again so I will update that with recent reads and plans.

I have been knitting a good deal with various success. I have to weave in the ends and seam a gift (I’m a DORK for not knitting it in the round) and then felt it. Which probably means going to my in-laws. Which will make them very very happy. But first I have to learn to knit with work split over several needles. “Cast on 11 stitches, split as follows: 4 on the first, 4 on the second, 3 on the third”. Let’s just say that last night I had a big tangle of yarn. I would like to complete this before S has another birthday, though it will be odd giving a felted wool object when it’s supposed to be kinder weather (though with today…) Because I seem to be in a photo mood, here are some photos for your laughter at how poor a knitter I am. My other project has much better handling of my hand-made creations, though I am not happy with any of my photo management options. I’m not going to show a pic of the gift until S receives it since I’m not sure if she reads this or not. Oh dear, now I have a problem, this S could be one of at least 5 S’s. I’ll put it this way, she recently landed an awesome new gig. You other S’s.. I knit VERY VERY slowly. Your time will come.

icord attempt
This is supposed to be the icord for S’s gift. I’ll try again today, last night I wasn’t feeling so well.

bunny pic #1
This is not photographing well. It is supposed to turn into this blanket bunny but using this yarn instead. I love the softness of the yarn but at first it was a ROYAL pain to work with. I’m getting more used to it now but really wish I hadn’t bought so many balls of this. I was going to make these teddy bears but I thought the bunny was cuter. Of course the yarn is not machine washable what on earth was I thinking at the time?! And yes, those are a pair of nice clover circulars (unfortunately in 36″/10.5 because that was all that a different shop had, teach me not to visit shops I like), uberimma [b’sha’ah tova!!] you are right, decent needles make a huge difference and I do like nice yarns, but I have a very meagre yarn stash budget. I don’t mind acrylics since that is what I’m used to crocheting with. Nice wool is drool worthy and I am absolutely kicking myself that I didn’t pick up any in Peru. E has made me promise not to rip his sweater and steal the yarn.

Now that the weather has calmed down a little I took another photo attempting to show the contrasts of spring attempting to bloom and the wonderful weather. I wish I had thought to include a track of all the sirens. For those who don’t know, yes we do live next to a “rock garden”. You get used to it after a while.

Ok, enough procrastination, I really should be doing work today. I have a large pile to do, not to mention some pesach prep.

lastly, I found this blog the other day Tales From a Knitting NICU Nurse and feel the need to share.

update of outside at about 3pm: