hiding until it’s spring

I got sick and tired of winter and decided to hide under the big warm duvet cover until spring. I’ve pretty much been completely anti-social for the past month+. If you’ve emailed me I may have responded, I may not have. I’m getting there. You do NOT want to know how many mailing lists I’ve spent the past 48 hours unsubscribing from because it became quite obvious that I am NOT reading them. I have been working on some other projects during this hibernation period and am happy with them and hope to “release” them soon. I am just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other and trying to move forward. I can’t guarantee I’ll be a social butterfly — heck, everyone knows I’m a penguin or a sleepy linux-using puma… ;) but I will try to be somewhat social and not hide under the covers until next winter. I will say that it was nice. I read TONS, knit a bit (even though none of it’s complete). We’ll see what happens. Anyway, back to hoping that spring is here to stay (yes, I have seen the weather report, grumble) and trying to make more progress.