(recent read) The Novice

The Novice (The Black Magician Trilogy, Book 2) by Trudi Canavan

I know, I know… It didn’t appear at all in my “Now Reading” list. I picked it up Thursday afternoon. It sat calling my name very loudly, so shortly after shabbos started on Friday, I started reading. Around 10:30 or so I finished (there was some davening and dinner in there so it wasn’t straight reading).

What a wonderful book. I have another 30% discount for Borders and I tried to pick up Volume 3, The High Lord, but the Borders near my mother didn’t have it. I may go looking tomorrow, but unfortunately my trek to Borders passes me far too close to a Yarn store for my budget’s comfort. I am also eager to read Priestess of the White but I should get through a few other books. I read a good deal of Blue Mars this weekend as well and it’s quite enjoyable.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’d like some warm weather but I know that unfortunately isn’t in the forcast.