more on “hair”

The wonderful ren reb has a wonderful post on “hair” in honor of shanna’s acquisition.

wonderful. wonderful. wonderful. wonderful. wonderful. HAH! ok, i need more coffee

I just want to show you the *second* wig I ever bought. I don’t own it anymore. I gave it away for little girls (or a clown) to use. I have wanted what’s termed Irish curls forever. I bought synthetic. Let’s just say it was *not* a good investment. Though later I did suceed in buying a long “wet curl” headband fall which I wore to a bacholorette party and had oodles of fun in. It wasn’t mine and I wasn’t married yet, but I still had lots of fun. :)

The photo is from I’ve had great service and prices from them. Yes, they even sort out kosher wigs.

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