web browsing support

I tend to forget there are other browsers out there. As I commented to David .. if you are using a browser other than firefox. Tough luck. Which is funny because I use safari a good deal. But this is my blog. It’s not my main site. I’m lazy. I have lots of other things to do, and I procrastinate which means I don’t have time to pay attention to this site. Even though I seem to play with it every single day.

And then I thought about what I said. It really isn’t fair, but there are *so many* different browsers out there and so many different configurations. What is one to do in this ‘day and age’? I keep my sites “plain and simple” in order to hope that cross-browser everything works. I’m not a web designer. I can ‘code’ HTML by hand because of my programming background, but that does not make me a web designer. Really. Honest. Even though I have 3 clients, err make that 4, expecting my services in this very area.

Imagine my excitement when I found this article by yahoo on cross-browser “stuff”. Lots of interesting things to think about.

Also, I care a good deal about accessibility, even though my site here is probably one of the first to fail accessibility guidelines. Anyway, the NFB has sued Target on its un-accessible site. Here’s the story. Quite interesting. And it lists three things I *TRY* to do. Even though I generally forget. 1) provide alt text for images, 2) provide a text site map or easy text based navigation, and 3) make it possible not to use the mouse. I hate the mouse.

Anyway, I’m now on the search for two good publications which won’t break the bank. $50 each is not an option. $50 total sounds do-able. So, can you help me find the best books on CSS design and accessibility? Thanks.