wearing a wig : combs

update: I’ve included two imgs after the “jump”.

Since Shanna’s fake hair has arrived I decided to finally write the post about combs.

I am not talking about those combs that they gave us to fix our hair with when taking those grade school portraits. I’m not talking about the combs that are decorative. I’m talking about this wonderful little combs that keep my wigs on my head. I’ll post a picture of one soon. It would involve getting up and figuring out the best way to photograph one.

I have a lot to say about these, because they generally get a bad rap. Many women complain about headaches and pulling. I’ll be upfront : I have a bald spot from a comb!. But I discovered a secret…

It matters where the combs go. If you rotate two wigs, put the combs in different spots. You rotate your shoes (or sneakers if you run) so your feet don’t hurt. Why not rotate the position of your combs? You might even find a comb feels great for a few months and then starts to hurt. Just take out a pair of scissors and sew the comb on in a new place.

I know this sounds horrendously obvious, but it still needs to be said.

Of course I forgot to do this before London, and my fall irritated my bald spot so I’ve tried not to wear that fall until the irritation goes away.

So, in short: do not be afraid to move the combs!

I know of stories of women who have changed their combs and their positions and still have problems. I don’t know what to say to that. When I had waist length hair I started to have horrid headaches from my bun (my hair lives in buns or braids, I rarely wore it down) I realised it was the position of it, I moved it and the pain went away. It took a while to get used to the bun in a new position, but to be pain-free was key!

I do sometimes have other problems of pain with my fall, but it’s because I wear glasses. A fall (or wig) + headband + glasses means too many things competing for space behind my ears. I don’t have a solution for that. Contacts are one, but I can’t wear contacts much anymore as I have very dry eyes.

Hope this random post helps or at least brings humour of some sort.


my bald spot.

the wig combs I have been talking about.