simplification step 1

Remove crackberry from your side.

I haven’t had it fully working for about 2.5 months now. I decided today that the $20/mo I was paying was not worth it and that those $20 could better go elsewhere (caffeine addiction?).

So I’m back to just carrying a generic camera phone without ability to send those pictures or email. I look forward to our contract to be up (we’re on a family plan) so we can either buy new phones (our are 3 years old) or find a plan which better suits our needs.

So, if you email me and I don’t reply immediately, please don’t worry, this is the new me. I’ve slowly been giving up my internet, crackberry, and email addictions. My work has changed over the past year, I don’t need to be on the run as much. If I need it later, I’ll just turn the crackberry service back on and take the hardware out of the closet. As for email, you will receive a response eventually. Possibly more quickly now that I will read messages only once and not the 2-3 I had been receiving them (on crackberry, via webmail, and finally downloaded at home). I’m working out the best way to deal with a laptop on the run. a dotMac subscription is pricey so I’m poking around what syncing solutions work best.

Step 2 will be more difficult. While I often ask for more cable channels to be added (I want to cartoons and international history), I’d be happiest if we just got rid of the huge hunk of electronics which is the focal point of the living room.