to figure out the answer

start emailing someone asking ..

no seriously, I do this all the time. Generally it’s to my husband b/c he knows everything, but often it’s also to a core group of friends.

However, this doesn’t work for me when I send it to me directly. I have to send it to an alter-ego alias that I will check later … but sending to any of my me-as-me emails … it just somehow doesn’t work.

now if I could use this to successfully find the headphones that have run away …

note: I’m slowly catching up on email, blog posts, and projects. Works continued while I went away. I’d love to stop time for 24 hours and play catch up … I’m doing better than I thought I woud,but not as well as I should. I’m finding my jetlag has resulted in the following: I wake up easily at 5:30 [normal wakeup]. I want to crash dreadfully at 9pm. If I can keep the wakeup and move the crashing to 10:30 I’d be happy. and as for focusing see david’s two posts here and here with the caveat that I haven’t read them yet. ;) I think they’re about finding focus. :) where was I again? I have lots of little projects buzzing around begging for me to pay attention to them. I have to. They’re a bit like fruit flys. The projects (or clients) might go away quickly if they aren’t completed satisfactorily. But my problem is I’m not exactly sure what they all are and how to do them while moving forward.

I think I have to learn how to clean while moving forward.

if that doesn’t make sense then well, I’m not sure my eyes are open any more. Good night.

ps — i’m looking for a nice new wordpress2.0 template. i’m not sure what i want. I prefer text and clean lines. I know there is a contest, but I’m impatient. Ideas?

pps — tomorrow morning I’m going to update wordpress to 2.01. It shouldn’t break anything, but I don’t know.