too many email addresses

My problem isn’t too much spam.. it’s that I have too many email addresses to keep up with. I currently have a London-induced backlog, but generally my problem isn’t reading all that mail … it is more how do I best send from them, whether at home or on the road, stay sane, and not confuse myself too much?

I check all of them with (apple’s mail) or thunderbird. I use web browsers on the go…

To send, I favor the client-side apps but that’s just because I’m too lazy to log in and check my sent mail if I need to.
Due to some weirdness on my part, I need to send PDF attachments to a client via the web-interface. Fine.

HOWEVER, due to the fact that web interface largely is used to send personal email, it defaults to my personal address.

I just sent to a client with the personal address. It’s not a *big* deal, he’s a good friend and probably won’t even notice. He has an array of emails from me as I worked up towards my professional address. I invited him to my wedding so he has wedding stuff from my personal address. But I find it sloppy and it bothers me. I’m slowly streamlining and turning most of them into aliases more-or-less but there still exists need to send from them occasionally. And often I forget and send from the wrong one. I really don’t want to run into the same problem as Dave did. And while I’ve given up on having a truly private email account outside of the internal server my husband and I have — if someone emails me with *THAT* address and they aren’t him then we most likely have a very big problem. I still want to keep some aliases as seperate as possible from me.

Maybe this brings up the pont I read somewhere recently (financial times, ny times, the economist, or ieee spectrum) on how workers may need to soon purchase their work laptops themselves. I see this as a further blur between the work world and the home world. I think I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for another post. I have about as many draft posts brewing as I do email addresses. ;)