(recent read) the girl who heard dragons

The Girl who Heard Dragons by Anne McCaffrey

I’m embarassed that I hadn’t read any of her works until now. Ok, I’m not embarassed. I used to categorize myself as pure sci-fi and not fantasy.

This was amazing. I loved all the stories and how I had a chance to learn about Ms McCaffrey’s various works and her great storytelling gift. I now have On Dragonwings sitting by the bed waiting to be read.

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  1. DragonsDawn is wonderful… I read the first sets of the books before these all came out, though. It made it much more interesting to not have all this backgroud…

  2. One Tisha B’Av at Cornell, (don’t ask why I was even there during summer break) I was pretty bored, so one of the local “kids” took me to the library (The fishbowl, actually) and introduced me to Anne McCaffrey’s Pern. I was never the same since.

    (Thanks, Josh, really! She’s one of my favorite authors now.)

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