arg .. tech frustrations.

i want a mac/linux-based subnotebook-esque tablet. with nice battery life (at least 8 hours). i want to be able to afford it when it exists. i want that now. i want it to be about the size of my thinkpad 240, “koneko”, who if he had a better battery life would still be used lovingly instead of plugged in next to the nightstand; about the size of a composition notebook.

there. i said it.

if my moleskines could surf the web and download email for me, i’d be very happy. but i still would like a decent computer book i can take everywhere sometimes I think it’s because of my namesake..

unrelated : if you want my crackberry it’s yours. I just need a phone that works, will let me receive emails via (anything, pop is cool; camera would be nice, if so needs bluetooth; must work in europe)