cleaning up

In cleaning I always make a bigger mess FIRST. I broke the web-server while trying to do this, so I think everything is working again. I *think*…

What did I clean up? I removed that index.php that was plaguing all of my URIs.

Before this post would be:

Now, you can access it as:

In theory. Slightly cleaner, I may migrate this to another URL soon, we’ll see if I fixed the server or not. Please let me know if they don’t seem to be working. htaccess files and I don’t seem to be getting along.

Also: any one interested in fixing my crackberry? As we’re a linux/mac family, the one windows box we have isn’t too well loved (well, it’s loved, it’s not *its* fault that it has to run windows) but anyway — i can’t seem to be able to wipe and reinstall the software so that emailing works. What is the point of a crackberry if I can’t access my email 24-6? The web browser works, so all is not lost, but I’ve spend hours trying to get it to work that could definitely be spent doing things that could potentially earn me money.

while I’m at it, I fixed and then broke my library page. When it is working again, all books will link to amazon via my associates id. Please don’t feel pressured to choose a certain vendor. I’d like you to, but I am not forcing you to click add-to-cart and buy. I’d like you to. They would like you to. But it’s ok with me if you don’t. I’m also looking at adding in some adsense ads. I’m not sure how I’ll do that but we’ll see. Some spare change is always useful… :)

update: library script has been fixed. I deleted the line which executed my sql query. oops!