devarim al kisui rosh

Shanna, who has previously struggled with how best to fulfill this mitzvah [here] and [here], is back on the job market interviewing (see here as to why). Thus, the kisui rosh debate is resparked and now she’s trying out covering with hair that isn’t hers. The posts (thus far) are [here], [here], and [here]. I’ve told her that when she comes down to Brooklyn I’ll take her to my shaitel macher– which is actually quite amusing since I have only bought 2 wigs there, there rest have been bought online or at a really cheap wholesale place in mid-town. Why so many? One reason: sometimes I want something completely different … the other? Well, stay tuned.. I might actually post on this topic in public again!

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  1. Waiting with bated breath…

    (well, maybe not exactly bated breath, but as a topic near and dear to my own heart… I can’t wait!)

  2. P, have you seen this book? I just learned of its existance, and suddenly I must have it!

    “HIDE and SEEK: Jewish Women and Hair Covering”

    amazon link: although I suppose you’d want to use your affiliate link if you actually buy it.

  3. i own it… tho someone borrowed it without returning it over two years ago. I’ll update my library soon…

    i wanted it so badly that i bought it via urim and while waiting for delivery I had to buy another copy at the local judaica store!!!

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