(recent read) The Magician’s Guild

The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan.

A recent gift from tearsong. Thank you dear! I found this (as she expected) to be a very enjoyable read of an orphan–an untrained mage–and the descision that she must make. An Amazon review calls this a “cozie”.. that it may be and it was just what I needed today. I will be scouring bookstores for book 2, The Novice I’m quite curious to see what becomes of the young heroine.

[I’m now trying to slog my way through Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, it’s as if he shredded a thesaurus and just stuck as many synonyms in as possible. I’m determined to finish it though exactly why I cannot say, but I do find it having an effect on my writing.]

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  1. I have the 2 next books. I just bought ’em for my israel trip. I read the first one 2 years ago when I went, along w/a Kris Longknife book. (not as good, but fun) If you liked this, the Outstreched Shadow is also good..

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