I did it! I actually did the review despite over sleeping and waking up to construction, very loud construction, in my building. I woke up, looked at the clock and rescheduled my review for 11. I actually was ready and started 15 minutes early. Go me.

What did I do?

  1. I took my moleskine work common book, my filofax, and my laptop and sat down with a cup of coffee.
  2. I looked at last week’s action list and copied anything I missed over to this week and next.
  3. I went through my common book and wrote out any next actions or projects arising from my notes
  4. I logged in to my public libraries and realized that I had 2 overdue books (b/c I hadn’t done my review or properly notated their due-dates in the first place) and renewed what I needed to and immediately entered all due dates in my calendar. I then put another copy into iCal (more on why in a bit)
  5. I went into Mail (yes, I am currently using it and not Thunderbird [i see 1.5 was recently released]) and cleaned out every single message. I either read it, filed it, marked it for later, or trashed it. I use two apps called Mail Tags and Mail Act-on which rock (now that I’m actually using them) and I will attempt to get them their deserved donation shortly. Basically, they give the ability to do lots of cool things to your mail (such as file, add flags, additional notes, duedates) with the keyboard! :) I’m still not using the programs to their full potential but they are assisting me greatly already.
  6. I actually read some of my mailing list email. I’ve been subscribed to score (counselors to america’s small businesses) for about a year and rarely read their messages, because I never had the time. They have three timely articles in the most recent issue of their e-newsletter:
    1. 60 seconds to making the most of your day what I will focus on from this is to “Expect the Unexpected”. :)
    2. 60 seconds to organizing your business from this I will focus on “Create a Clutter-free Desktop”. I will try to post a picture of what my desk (and the dining table) currently look like now and after I take the picture.
    3. How to find a good accountant Ok, this I need to just *do*. It will cost some money, but I think this years taxes will be messy. We were married during the year, I have the business, I think we could do it, but why not at least interview a few and see how much it will cost? I think it may prevent a massive headache. Not to mention that the 14th is our anniversary, so who wants to spend it over taxes? Maybe it was a good plan — we’ll always try to file ASAP so as not to be stuck doing it then.
  7. I took the pictures of my desk & the table.
  8. I sat down to write this post as a “reward” for actually doing my review and knowing what’s important.

Why do I put items into iCal if I also use a filofax? I came across this this and found it to be a brilliant idea so I’ve adapted it for my use.

Ok. Here are the work-area pics pre-cleanup:

And after:

The mess under my desk needs a home. A lot of it will be scanned and put into deep storage. The rest of it is remainder from moving and many years of not knowing how to organize. That I can now mostly fit it all there is quite an accomplishment. :)

Now, my reward for doing all of this? We are picking up my in-loves tonight at the airport. It’s been promised to me that I will be able to ride the airtrain. I am very excited. :)