reviewing or not, here i come.

A routine review is key to evaluating where you are and where you are going. I have a hard time doing this on my own until I’m chained to my desk with someone watching me do it. Since David Seah and I seem to be on similar wavelengths this week, he found this wonderful article on why we resist the weekly review and plan by Ricky. It’s a good list overall and I think can easily be applied to most any project.

Below I will focus on two items Ricky “RAM Dumped” out:

1. We fear that may not do it right. This is so true. How often have I looked at a new organizer system or journal or “anything” I wait and procrastinate and look for a step-by-step guide to find out how I *should* use it. I’ve been trying both flylady and david allen’s systems for a while and the best about both of these methods is that there is more than one way to do it. What works perfectly for my husband does not work perfectly for me. That’s ok. It’s also ok to have crossouts and restarts and eventually look and say, “hey, that’s not working at all, let’s stop wasting our time on it and try something else”. Somewhere recently I read of a “lifehack” whereas when you buy a new journal you open to a random page and put a small (or big) scribble. Then it’s no longer so new and scary. It’s a brilliant piece of advice and has assisted me greatly in getting over that starting hump. I’ll figure this out. :) My filofax is getting more use and I’m getting there. I think I’m more organizes today than I was a year ago. I have much further to go until I’m like my husband but I’m improving and that’s important. I’m reducing the distance between me and my goals.

2. We are too far behind or haven

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  1. I’m glad you found my article helpful and worth sharing with others. Best of luck to you in your new weekly review schedule. It really is time well invested–rather than time well spent! :o)

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