change is here

[apologies for posting this before I meant to. maybe that means I’ll go sleep soon] post is complete.

Ok. Change can be scary, but if you procrastinate it can be even worse.

Since the new year (for me, that’s in October; the one a few days ago was a mostly day off from work) I’ve been attempting to organize myself and stop being spread quite so thin doing everything I want to do.

Tonight I have enough (something) to go with my insomnia that I decided to take the plunge and just do some of it.

I know that it’s difficult but I need to learn how to say both yes and no. If I don’t start doing this I will end up not doing much of anything because I will procrastinate oodles and oodles and it will just spiral down into badness.

I have as many blogs as email addresses. Some of these I’m removing. At least one I’ve merged in here (more on that in a bit). A few I will keep as is. I do need anonymous outlets every so often. Unfortunately, at Mac World, Apple didn’t announce the machine of my dreams. I type much faster than I write by hand. While I love using a glass dip pen and my filofax, moleskine, and miquelrius (there is some bleeding of the ink) sometimes I need to get the thoughts out of my head more speedily and legibly than writing by hand.

I see a few large sections in my life. Similar to David Seah‘s experience [here] and [here]. For me these large sections are:

  • books: my nose is always buried in a book.
  • judaism: i’m jewish. i’m modern. judaism is a very large part of my life. i often have questions.
  • penatwork: it works, it doesn’t. how to do it better… tricks i’ve found to make my life better.
  • technology & society: i ::heart:: trains. I’m curious how these new things impact our lives. i’m also interested in how we readapt or continue to use older more established technologies (such as paper)
  • oodles of randomness [aka loosechange]: i was once called a reference librarian. random things often pass my way

I’ve now reorganized much of this site. My other blog which spoke about my attempting to get things done called PenAtWork has come here mostly under the category penatwork. There was too much overlap and I need to focus more.

In 5765/2005 I had a few major changes in my life. I got married (changed my name, still trying to figure out what it is) to my best friend, I moved 3 blocks, I reduced the hours at my full-time gig and started my own company.

I don’t generally make resolutions but there are things I am working on that hopefully you will see as a reoccuring theme in my posts. Organization. Reducing procrastination. Finding focus for my professional life (more on this in another post). Focusing my learning Jewish and professional). Killing my insomnia once and for all. Learning to live and manage my book addiction. Organizing my library. In sum : finding balance.

I’ve finally set up a test wordpress blog elsewhere and hope to use that to fix my template/css issues once and for all. Perhaps play with some plugins. I would like to say all of these changes will happen overnight but I hope that they don’t. This insomnia is horrible. I never slept much in high school (2-3 hours a night). In college I slept more. Now, I sleep but my body doesn’t seem to want it at normal EST hours. Perhaps I should just return to Hong Kong.