mac day

edited for ipod stuff

let’s see where to start? at mwsf06, apple announced mac books and an imac with intel. don’t worry, icky stickers don’t seem to be on them, thankfully. i do like the isight in the macbook. wish i could wiggle my nose and make my powerbook have that feature. :) oh .. and there is now fm radio for iPod. Nice. Now to get an iPod that works with it. A screen is quite desirable. Why can’t the shuffle have a reader like this (unfortunately, it’s Sony that seems to have gotten it right in my book on this.. don’t worry i won’t be buying it…)

darn. i really was hoping for a newton replacement crossed with a tablet that would be about the size of the larger moleskine. i do want a keyboard [make it the powerbook’s type, i don’t like the ibook keyboard] while i’m dreaming of my perfect machine. i have need for a small formfactor (yes smaller than 12″ powerbook) notebook.

then google earth for mac crossed my path.

aaah… pure happy bliss.

now to get my blackberry and networking printing at home working again and I’ll not need to turn on my husband’s pc. :)

One day soon I’ll post some updates. One day. Lots of good stuff happening. :) Maybe one day I’ll write a post and think about proper english grammar and spelling. Maybe. One day.