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it’s the end of the tax year in the US and a good time to donate.

Last year Shanna had a nice post on how to calculate how much to give.

from the site she links, there’s a discussion on who you should focus on giving to.

To whom to give?

The highest priority is for redeeming captives and saving lives. … Most of the funds you distribute should preferably go to residents of, and institutions in, you own city. Have in mind when you make a contribution that you are not committing to make similar contribution to the same recipient in the future.

Now, is it best to give $1 to 100 places or $100 to one place? My husband and I disagree about this. I recall reading an answer somewhere in my learning but i can’t find it. I think $1 to many places instead of $100 but I’m not sure. I also recall something about giving regularly throughout the year.

It’s too close to shabbos for me to keep searching for this answer. Just please, go donate. Thank you.