new and improved!

I’m now running wordpress 2.0 with the askimet spam plugin. I have 406 messages marked as spam that i now have to filter thru. Maybe 399 of them are spam. Please be paitent as I go through cleaning it up.

The upgrade was seamless. I like the new features… one of these days i’ll roll out a new template… or maybe fix my css problem. One day. :)

update @ 4:35pm: mbarr, miriam, shelli, and others .. so sorry .. half of these I never received notification of even before the update. need to look into that as well. *sigh*

update #2 @ 10:05pm: ok. i must just need more caffiene.. (i always need more caffiene) anyway, if you commented, and it’s not there now, i’m sorry, please try commenting again.. i zapped all the rest that were spam. akismet is pretty nice. It does a few things that aren’t quite intuitive to me, but it caught a TON of spam. which is quite nice. anyway, if you notice anything funky (besides my css problem) please let me know. now to work on that template..