I generally dislike labels on my clothing or myself, but sometimes it’s fun to see how I fit into others pre-conceived notions.

Today there’s a quiz by lamedzayin floating around the j-blog-o-sphere. I found it this morning from orthomom … I scored “modern orthodox” was not surprised and quietly added it to my about me page and went off to fix my cell phone (it’s back, I liked not having it, but being without the crackberry was pretty painful) and then was off to the big-grocery store to buy some food that’s just “not frum enough” for the closer markets (i needed hominy if you care). However, it was something in the frozen section that really caught my eye — several packages of ‘steamed buns’ … there were also udon noodles and other frozen noodles, all are star k heschered. I’m happy that if I need to I no longer have to make special trips to 2 different stores on opposite sides of china town (one on mott street and down under the bridge). Now I need to find out how to get this local store to carry that company’s bean paste and vegetable buns in addition to the custard that was stocked. That will make me (and my husband who loves the bean paste buns) very happy.

When I came home I was checking rss feeds as I am wont to do and saw that Shanna took the quiz and posted her results and that there may have been some tweaking. So, to see how consistent I was I took it and again I scored “Modern Orthodox”, and again I’m not surprised I wasn’t more left or right, parts of me are very left and parts of me are very right so I cancel myself out. Ask my husband, I’m fun to be around. ;) I don’t think I changed any of my answers when I retook it. There are a few questions that could’ve been included to probably move me away from this ranking, or otherwise befuddle my results. My largest complaint was “Men should learn Torah …” Just men? Anyway, my answer to that question remains the same (even though I just ask for at least 5 minutes but that it’s scheduled daily).

My breakdown if you are curious is:

Left Wing Modern Orthodox: 66%
Right Wing Modern Orthodox: 73%
Left Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 34%
Right Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 5% User Test: The Orthodoxy  Test.