6 tips to work from home

six effective tips to work from home

as I’ve recently joined those who call my home my office as well, I can agree with this. and as I’m currently sitting on my couch with my laptop on my lap and my feet curled up under me and just mindlessly surfing the web i can guarantee that it’s important to have a properly set up space to work. my current reasoning for my set up is that my wireless has been flakey so it’s important to be near to an ethernet cable, it’s bloody cold and i can warm up the couch easier than my office space and that we’ve recently remembered that my powerbook can have dual head so if i want to do that i have to be able to semi-easily go around the couch to my husband’s monitor and plug that badboy in. (i’m looking for a kvm later today, but still need to be able to plug in easily) which probably means that during the day his desk becomes my desk. which means i face directly at the tv. that’s bad. this morning i was nice and cozy in bed and when my husband called at 10:30 to ask me to do some non-work related research i was silently (ok, not too silently) cursing that i was awoken from my nice warm and cozy slumber. that i’m not fixed in my schedule any more is bad. it’s been hard for me to balance work and housework. right. thanks to flylady it doesn’t take long, but when i’m procrastinating i tend to do that over work that pays me. i need to focus on my goals more.

ok.. that’s enough rambling. i should get to work…