(recent reads) Harp of Wind, Sword of Flame, and First Meetings

by Maggie Furey : Harp of Wind and Sword of Flame

Good books, while in the book store silly me thought that it was a trilogy, so now I have to try to find Dhiamarra and just finish out the series. Aurian is still a strong female lead character and it’s interesting to see her add motherhood to her mix of roles. While books 2 and 3 were weaker for me than the first, overall it’s still a strong series.

by Orson Scott Card: First Meetings in the Enderverse

This has been on my list for quite a while. I have loved this series as soon as I discovered it in college. As reported recently on slashdot, more delays for Ender’s Game movie which saddens me: first that they’re making it at all (can’t anyone enjoy a book with their OWN imagination?); how difficult it is anyway to write a screen play, how much more so for a book adaptation; and lastly to cast the perfect actors. I’m interested to see how Card writes it. Anyway, First Meetings tells the story around Ender. It was a very quick read (it’s only 208 pages) and was a nice distraction for the afternoon as I was not getting any work done anyway.