heb cal for a tiger and other ramblings of an insomiac

Everyone else in the world probably knows this already, but for me, it made the fact that my kidney stones are acting up **AGAIN** and keeping me awake until the pain killers kick in, not so bad… heb cal for dashboard it looks pretty nice.

My main complaint (someone please tell me i’m just being a dork) with Dashboard is that it’s either there or it isn’t. There isn’t a way to make ’em “sticky” and just sorta hang around on your desktop while you’re doing other work. I’m waay slow these days (don’t ask me the last kernel I compiled, it’s embarassing) and recently discovered Konfabulator which is now Yahoo Widgets Engine 3.0. I like that it is sticky on my desktop. There is one widget that is silly, but nice, and that is the 8 cups of water widget. It’s simple, yet is much easier than writing it on a sticky… having those empty circles that I need to fill in really work..

Much like David Seah’s wonderful simple tool the printable ceo series. I’ve spoken about flylady here a bit, but haven’t spoken about my other attempts to stay focused and on track, mostly because of my dislike of labels, but again, if stuff works, I’ll tell you. Your Mileage May Vary. I’ve been trying David Allen’s Getting Things Done for a while. I took the book out of the library 2 years ago, and just wasn’t ready for it. While in jury duty (with lots of time on my hands) I purchased this book (as there was lots of discussion in the blog world about it) and in starting a company, getting married, moving, dealing with health, life, the universe, stress, I decided to try it again. It’s not perfect, but I’m getting there, mixing and mashing a few things and not taking any one system point-blank. I disagree a lot with certain standardised testing as a highly influential factor for school admissions (I could rant about that for several hours) so why was I trying to take an organisational system hook-line-and-sinker? D’uh…

Anyway, as I said, it is very slowly getting better. And I’ll write more about all of this one day. Maybe. Perhaps. and possibly sooner I hit “publish” instead of “preview” .. do’h! Maybe that means I’m actually soon going to be able to sleep?!

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  1. Try looking at Tom’s book – Time Management for System Administrators. Might be interesting… I just grabbed a copy at LISA this year. Am in the middle of reading it now…

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