pens at play and work

I don’t generally like product placement. I’m anti-labels. I took a fabric marker to a pair of sneakers recently so you don’t see the great big logo. HOWEVER, I am a pen and pencil lover. A picky pen and pencil lover. Different brands or colours make a big difference. Oh and I’m slightly obsessed as well. ;)

After reading a post at Pencil Revolution, I decided to try mark temp appointments and deadlines in my filofax with a non-repro blue pencil. This works beautifully for me thus far. I’m really happy with it.

I purchase most of my pens at Kinokuniya. I like many of the things they sell. I just wish my Japanese skills were better. They don’t believe me that you can purchase Doraemon in a bilingual Hiragana-English edition. I guess I’ll just have to go to Tokyo and purchase additional volumes myself. :)

Ok, back to pens. A while ago I fell head over heels in love with the uniball signo in size 0.18mm. Yes, that is where the decimal goes, 0.18mm. I’ve been using the blue/navy one for a while and purchased the pink one as the set is scarily expensive. I was looking for violet or orange but they didn’t have. Oh well. On the end-display of the aisle I found something that completely excited me. I love the Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens. I first discovered them in Prague 4 years ago and they aren’t widely available here in the States. This new product is ‘streamlined’ and will limit the number of physical objects I carry without added bulk. What did I find? A Pilot Hi-Tec-C body which allows for the insertion of *two* colours (a la 4 colour ball point pens we were tortured with in grade school [example link]). This modern model allows for choice of either .3 and .4 (I opted for .3 of course) and a slew of colours (I’m still looking for a link)… so I picked up a brown and violet. I keep my business coloured brown and personal is purple. With blue pencil for temp and the pink for highlighting I will have a very colourful filofax… :)

Maybe one day I’ll talk about my love incredible obsession with Moleskines, Filofax, and Sakura’s Pigma Micron but then I’ll definitely have broken every rule I have for being anti-label. [I break this rule more frequently than I wish].

Wondering why? Go read Pattern Recognition by William Gibson or PopCo by Scarlett Thomas for two examples among my many reasons.