my own inc. link roundup

i’m in 7 months deep to owning my own business. i have good and bad days. Here are a bunch of links I’ve been collected the past week or so. and yes, life-balance is part of owning your own business.


  • 7 lessons by an entrepreneur
  • guide to starting your own business

    Making your own decsions. Doing something you love. Spending more time with the family. Participating in the American Dream. Starting a business is awesome. Paperwork. Legal fees. Invoices. More paperwork. Taxes. Starting a business sucks.

    how how true.


from slashdot

  • good sys admin truths 1) users lie most definitely 2) reboot and 3) did you really check the cables? (see #1)

oh there’s oodles more, but i have to go actively avoid my cell phone and my irate clients. :) I think I can rewrite the book on how to loose clients and alienate people. ;S