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While I have automated my booksmarks there are still a few things I feel that I am procrastinating enough to comment on:

1) coke + coffee **DROOL**

2) shifra’s brother continues to improve B”H.

3) the ultimate gift ;)

4) This is an interesting idea and I think this is absolutely amazing… I think everyone should invest in one. I do the key thing, but as I pare down my keys it gets harder to do… plus this seems slightly easier to find… I think. (via nyt and moma? i’ve known about the ring for ages) and the japanese seem to have this (via gizmodo)

5) I’ve been trying to simplify, have less distrations, and get more done. In theory. Remember to make any changes in moderation, chances are it’s not quite possible to keep all the changes at once. Also, I have had am having oodles of networking and cell problems. I am far behind in everything. The dread of that huge pile is making it harder to want to jump into that pile and make a difference… “break it down into bits” … yes I know…

6) download voicemail looks like an interesting idea. Since I have about a week of ignoring my cell to desl with, I’ll try this and possibly report back on how it worked. as long as I don’t loose the messages.. but then again maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Oh right, I have a business. That I’ve basically ignored for a week and a half. Right. Hmm… (via lifehacker)

7) because of #5 above I have oodles of RSS feeds to catch up on.. anyway, very scary!!! and is not helping my digestion… (thanks dov bear)

There is a lot more that I need to catch up on and comment on both publically and private (my other blog is a moleskine) [quote from somewhere, I’ve lost the link d’oh moleskinerie].

I think I’ll try to get some work done now…