giggle of the day

i make most of our meals via the amazing vegetarian menu mailer at saving dinner. There is a small disadvantage (for us) as the vegetarian option only serves 6, but it can be good as then we have lunch for the next day. As I’ve had a lot going on (who hasn’t), for this shabbos i decided to make the lentil nut loaf profiled this week. Yay! The recipe requested 2.5 cups of cooked lentils. I didn’t really think about it and as a bag of lentils = 2.5 cups I poured it in the pot and went on my merry way doing the zillions of other things I had to do until my timer went off.

Are you laughing yet?

I now have a large container sitting happy in my fridge waiting for me to figure out what to do with all of these extra cooked lentils. I feel like a dork but it’s ok. I had only previously cooked lentils by pouring an indeterminant amount into my crockpot for chulent so it’s good that I can have a nice laugh this afternoon.

Oh, and Wednesday was my flylady anniversary. I’ve been attempting to keep clean for a year. I still have a long way to go (ask my husband), but I’ve learned to take baby steps and how to declutter 15 minutes at a time!