why i am procrastinating right now

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1. Complex projects often seem daunting

Yup. Have you seen my project list? Even with David Allen’s GTD it’s still quite daunting. Even with flylady’s timer system it’s still quite daunting.

2. Projects that are viewed as being unpleasant are also often the victim of procrastination.

Well, d’uh. For me that is anything that requires a phone. Or serious programming (until I get into it). But definintely the phone. Maybe I’m not actively replacing my broken cell for a reason.. Maybe not. ;)

3. The inability to prioritize also contributes to procrastination.

But isn’t everything a super dire emergency? ;)

4. The inability to make decisions also contributes to procrastination.

Yes. I over analyze. Everything. It’s amazing I get out of bed some days.

5. A fear of failure also causes some people to procrastinate.

Who likes failure?

6. Distractions are a major cause of procrastination.

ooh! this is a biggie. I have 3-5 crochet/knitting projects going on *right now* and at least 6 books and cleaning to do and laundry and oh yeah.. work. :)

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  1. i mastered the art of cleaning, finally! thanks to the flylady and you. i miss you penny! hope you’re well!

  2. i figured this whole blog thing on my own, but i only know the bare essentials so far. aren’t you proud of me?

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