(recent read) Herland

Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

It’s always the thin, slender ones that get you every time ‘eh?

In college I was placed in an American Lit class my first-year. It was horrid. American Lit and I don’t get along. Most things American and I don’t get along. Generally. [BTW the course as I was placed in no longer exists. It’s replacement looks much more plesant and encorporates The Americas. I would take that course, though would prefer an alternative if available.]

I had “The Yellow Wall Paper” crammed down my throat that semester and did not want to see anything by any of those authors again. I put them on my black list.

I forget how I found out about Herland, but decided that it was time to try some of these authors and their writings again, approach them with a fresh and open mind.

It was quite fascinating to read (even though it took a while, I kept getting distracted by other, longer tomes)… I enjoyed the whole idea and the manner in which Gilman told the story. It felt fresh.