wednesday procrastination

As I prepare to make an unTurkey (not for religous reasons (see dovbear), but the thought of animal has been making me ill lately, so thus, the unTurkey. Since it’s made of vital wheat gluten we’ll see how I do. Yes mum, I AM defrosting it NOW. Ok, now to see if any family still reads this blog and is suprised by the main course on the table. Is it difficult to make thanksgiving? It’s hilarious to me to read both sides of this coin, those americans who don’t make shabbos every week or didn’t just have a month of yontif who are frantically scrubbing and planning and trying to figure out what to do. And those bas yisrael who do this every week. I’m well known (somewhat) for making shabbos in 20 minutes or less, 10-15 if i can use the microwave and if I defrosted the chicken breasts. It’ll be balanced and generally better than what we eat during the week but I don’t want a 9 course banquet every week. I enjoy cooking a good deal and like making new things (thus my subscription to the vegetarian menu mailer). The only big change for tomorrow is that I have to feed 6 instead of my normal 2 (there is a long reason why I don’t have shabbos guests. Not now. In time.). Biggest advantage for tomorrow? I can use the microwave right before serving (aka it’s not yontif or shabbos) and I can play with the controls on the oven & stove to my heart’s content (see above re microwave).

Tired of blogger? (come on, it’s google people), go sign up for a blog at wordpress. I find it a bit clunkier than my own 100%-self controlled wordpress (can they get permission use the simple green theme? please? (priss you rock), it’s great to have a free blog with decent backend somewhere other than blogger).

My wonderful friend twilla pointed me to this site on National Center for Women & Information Technology. As I find more time to read through everything on their site I’ll bring you more.

Lastly, Buy Nothing Day is fast approaching. While I have wishlists for those who insist on buying me things or want to find out more about me, I really would rather you find a charity (such as march of dimes or sharsheret or any other organisation) and donate. I don’t want to know. I won’t be upset for not getting anything from you. I have more than enough “stuff” thank you. I can find most of my books at the library, my closets are stuffed, I throw out spoiled food more often than I want to admit, and last night we had to buy a big plastic tub to put all the stuff that doesn’t have a home away. I do link my books via Amazon at the moment. I’m not forcing that you must buy with them, there are other booksellers out there. It’s your choice.