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update, I have recreated most of the post now

I’ve been stuck on jury duty for much of the last week and on and off since the first. It’s now over and life may try to return to normal (whatever that is).

Therefore I’m slowly catching up on my rss feeds. Here’s what I feel like commenting on and if you don’t like it, deal. I’m aware that many of these posts are “old” .. again, deal. I want to comment on ’em and it’s *MY* blog so tough luck.

Also, that means this post is long and full of random links both here and there. Again, if you don’t like it, go away, you don’t have to read the crud my fingers create.

Without further ado :

I’m now going to cry, it just lost over 1000 words I wrote… WAAH! It lost everything after my jump, I am recreating it now. WAAH!! sadly, it’s not the first time this has happened, nor will it probably be the last.

Women and technology:

  1. It sounds funny, but it “was” impossible until Britney solved the puzzle of folding paper 12 times. The proof is available from the historical society, and an
    alternate derivation may be found here thanks to Ari. (via boingboing)
  2. She’s such a geek, Essays on women nerds/geeks to be edited by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders. Entry deadline is 15 January. (via boingboing)
  3. Speaking of Annalee Newitz, she recently gave a talk at Harvard Law
    entitled, “Revenge
    of the Female Nerds: Busting media and industry myths about why women can’t be
    . (via popgadget) I’m sad I missed it (how could I have gotten to Boston?), however, rm video archive may
    be found here
    . (sorry about the format I didn’t pick it, now to find a machine with rplayer)

MIT’s Picower Institute for learning and memory is hosting their first Symposium on The Future of the Brain on 01 Dec. How I wish I had majored in what I applied to college to do BioPsychology (what I really wanted was CogSci), oh well, one day.. (again, why are all the cool things in Boston?)

Keyboard Fun:
It’s a known fact that I love my Kinesis keyboard, but I must admit that this keyboard by KITTY TECH is awesome too

Things I want:

  • (er, my husband may want this one to clear out all of my junk that multiples on any horizontal surface) a table that clears itself
  • an autonomous
    cleaning shower
    (to go with my roomba), does it remind you of the Jetsons? Hmm, would Rosie approve? ;)

  • earphone creatures, by tunewear– what an ingenious design, I am a little put off by the “for the girls”, i think it’s quite practical. Put your headphones inside the circular orb (that happens to be a ‘creature’) and then wrap the cable all around the many spikes, perfect since I can’t wrap anything neatly. :) (via gizmodo)
  • I know it’s not for sale, but a hard drive platter as a table is awesome.


Generally I keep my book posts seperate, but I havn’t finished anything, so i’m not as concerned. I recently returned Quicksilver. I have enjoyed his books in the past, but I found the overuse of a thesaurus to be highly annoying in this case. I still do want to finish the trilogy some day. I seem to be on a “women’s lit” tour, I’m reading Herland and Woman on the Edge of Time, both quite fascinating books. I also just picked up Eldest,
so it’ll be a wonderful shabbos curled up with books. :)

Pets: In Italy,
rights for goldfish and cats and many other creatures

everybody poops

Ok, that was probably good that I lost the other post, but it does make me sad. Time to get on with my other things. I’m happy I’ve commented on this stuff, if you aren’t, tough luck, this is my blog.

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