Preemie Awareness Day

Preemie Awareness Day is today.

I was hoping to write up a general overview of my story and do a nice piece on prematurity and why I care so much about this. I haven’t yet. I’ve been saying I’d write it for the past decade and haven’t. This is important, please go donate. If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, be aware of potential causes of preemies and start taking folic acid NOW.

Go read up on the Preemie Act (here and here) (i need to too) and make your voice heard!

Thank you to the many thoughts of community, of my nurses, doctors, and scientists who helped me survive my time in the NICU 26 years ago. While I may never know who all of you are, thank you.

And of course thank you to my parents who went through a lot (general stress, distance driving to the hospital [during the gas crunch], etc) during those many weeks I stayed in the hospital. Your love and touch helped me thrive, both then and now.