Roundhouse …

  • ok, the bond passed, now what? (ok ok, just a nyt article I haven’t had enough time to think to write anything else, heck i’ve only skimmed this article but I feel if I put it here, maybe I’ll actually give some more brain cells to thinking about it)
  • a great article on light rail in denver (and phoenix) (economist, sorry you need a subscription…)
  • Which lead me to think about an amazing class (we played sim city for a grade) I took in college by Professor Owen Gutfreund called “20th Century Urbanization in Comparative Perspective”. He’s recently published a book based on his PhD thesis, Twentieth Century Sprawl: Highways and the Reshaping of the American Landscape It was great fun for me and I wish I had done more with transport at the time.
  • While sitting in jury duty I’m amazed at how many people insist on *not* taking public transport in NYC, being willing to foot $20-30 bills for a car service which *takes longer* than the subway. It’s really NOT that gross or slow. arg people, you really annoy me. (whew, I feel much better now that is out) Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate reasons for not using the subway (mostly because it’s not accessible and I can’t figure out a good reason why they’re not rushing to do this) but for the rest why are you passing it up and creating more congestion and ultimately being more lazy and adding to the problem of obesity?

and found during a much needed weekend escape: