public service announcements – do good, think different, accept

1) beyond the ramp is a fascinating and informative new blog, the brain child of Evan. Through his new site, I discovered the comic strip [the way to my heart] dizABLED via this post and found it quite thought provoking. You may or may not agree, but it does *make you think*.

2) Preemie Awareness Month & Day (Nov 15) You see the banner on the left. PLEASE do something. Donate, crochet, knit, take folic acid, THINK. It frightens me that premature births are increasing. Just over 26 years ago I emerged early and little. B”H I was “lucky” and medical expertise was available, it’s improved even more over the past two decades (I’ve been told that there are safe rooms and they now allow mommy earlier access to touching baby, which is imho essential for growth and life)

3) spoon theory .. just a friendly reminder of Christina’s spoon theory. One day might be amazing and the next, well, you pay dearly for it, balance is difficult and an ongoing learning process. lupos info, fibromyalgia info, and …

4) miscellanous autism links.

5) My friend Raven brought to my attention that the VAWA ’05 Reauthorisation Act is in danger of being lost in the depths of politics and might not pass this year. Please tell Congress that this is important and should happen NOW.